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Maxilift Cranes

  • Maxilift

Power at your hand - 0.5 to 5.0 tonne metre

Maxilift offers a wide range of telescopic stiff boom cranes ideal for installation on light and extra light vehicles. Maxilift cranes provide the muscle to assist lone workers with their manual lifting and working tasks.

Maxilift cranes are light, hi-tech models that are both modern and user-friendly. Through the manufacturing concept and modularity to which Maxilift cranes are built, they represent an ideal solution in many light load applications.

Maxilift cranes offer:

  • options to be installed on different points on the body in order to minimise payload space loss
  • excellent crane weight to loading capacity ratio
  • choice of hi-tech safety systems for each model
  • smooth and easy loading movements
  • high build quality and corrosion protection
  • wide range of models and options enabling set up to be personalised
  • efficient and user friendly remote control systems available

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