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Cormach Cranes

  • Cormach Carberry

Strong design and engineering -
4.0 to 230 tonne metre

Cormach lorry mounted cranes are well known to be innovatively designed and well engineered. Rotation is on a slew bearing for every model delivering more precision and better load distribution.

An in-line boom on all Cormach lorry mounted cranes ensures better working precision, lowers stress and less sideways deflection of the boom in operation.

There is no doubt that Cormach lorry mounted cranes are some of the best engineered cranes in the world.

  • Symmetry about the centerline is achieved.
    No Cormach has off-set columns or booms.
    This results in evenly distributed loads in all pins, bearings and bushes.
  • Low centre of gravity – Cormach cranes have their heavy components down near chassis level to give a low center of gravity.
  • Continuous slew rotation – is standard from 40 tonne meter cranes and upwards, and optional on all smaller models. This is not possible with rack and pinion rotation.
  • Two cylinders – one on either side – are used to raise the main boom for optimum stress dissipation. Either could support the load in an emergency.
  • Easier safety inspections – parts are all open to view.
  • Easier maintenance – much easier with the “Big Crane” design
    1. All parts are visible
    2. All wear is measurable
    3. All leaks are immediately traceable

This basic advantage of Cormach cranes will become apparent as you become familiar with the quality of design and workmanship, which is built into each and every crane Cormach produces.

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Cormach TLC 2
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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